We are not auctioneers.  What we do is show you the properties on the 100's of websites of those who are.
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    Auction Property FOR EVERYONE – who does not have access to unlimited funds. You will be amazed just how many properties are coming up for auction, inside your budget, and in your area....and all thanks to the dedicated British property auctioneers.
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    Auction Property LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL – perhaps a period property or a property with land. Our classification system helps you find these, and other types of auction property, quickly.
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    Auction Property BUILDERS DECORATORS DIY – are you looking for a property that's in need of refurbishment? On this site you can search directly for this type of often lower priced auction property.
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    Auction Property LANDLORDS – auction property with rental income has been classified separately, so you can quickly find new properties to extend your portfolio.
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    Auction Property ENTREPRENEURS and PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS – we have short-listed the auction property with possible investment potential. Hopefully making it quicker and easier for you to identify new business opportunities.
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    Auction Property COMMERCIAL PROPERTY – is here too! Just choose your price range, area, etc, and see what's scheduled for auction in the UK over the coming weeks and months.

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About Property Auctions

Although not for everyone, there are many benefits to buying property at auction – much of which may appeal or apply to you.  Probably top of the list is you have the chance of a real bargain.  There are no property chains, so success is certain – if your hand is up when the hammer goes down, then you will have exchanged contracts and the property is yours.  Many auction properties offer opportunities for improvement and value enhancement.  This can be from simple re-decoration and refurbishment, through to change of use and re-development.  If you buy a tenanted property, you will start receiving rental income from the day of legal completion (usually within 28 days of the auction).  Should you need temporary financing for your auction purchase, nowadays there are specialist short-term lending options available.  This enables you to fund your auction purchase, before a long-term mortgage is put in place. 

It gets better!  You may not realise this now, but by finding this site you have already given yourself an advantage over some regular auction goers.  This is because here in one place, you can quickly find properties others have to visit hundreds of different auctioneer sites to see.  We also provide you with decision support information, comparative valuations and information about the property's location.  New to auctions or a regular bidder, we are here for you.

 On this site you may find

your ideal home a great value property bargain a cost effective investment the perfect renovation project

an undervalued repossession or a high yield rental income

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