We are not auctioneers.  What we do is show you the properties on the 100's of websites of those who are.

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Login:  Here you login with your subscriber name and password.  Most of the site is free, but some data is restricted to subscribers only.  The restricted data (for subscribers only), includes information and reports about the location of each property.  For properties in a premium category (Investment Potential ☆, Rental Income ☆, Property with Land ☆, and Period or Listed Property ☆), the exact address and a direct link to the property on the auction house website is also restricted.  However, a subscription costs from just £2 a week, so it’s no big deal to subscribe and then you will have full access to the site.

The large picture at the top of the page that says AUCTION PROPERTY has left and right arrows.  Keep clicking the arrow until you see an introduction in the blue box that is applicable to you.

If you click on the LOWEST PRICED or HIGHEST PRICED property displayed, then you will see the details page for that particular property.

Clicking on the orange word SEARCH or on the PURPLE MAP of the UK will take you to the SEARCH>Map View page.  (See separate instructions for that page).

PROPERTY CATEGORIES.  Clicking on one of the blue Property Categories in the list (Houses, Flats, Land, etc.) will take you directly to the listings of the properties in that particular property category.  The same page is also at SEARCH>Browse by Category>chosen category (See separate instructions for that page).

QUICK SEARCH.  Here you can display a list of properties that interest you.

Usage:  You can enter/choose one or more values with the exception of the Region, County, or District where you must choose ONE Region, or ONE County or ONE District.

Keyword:  Enter a word or phrase to list the properties with that word or phrase in the title or description.

All properties:  Select a property category that interests you.

Region, County, or District:  Choose ONE that represents your geographic area of interest (Do not select multiple areas)

Price Range: Enter a value in Minimum or Maximum (or both) to reflect your desired price range.

Click Search to see a list of the properties you have chosen.

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