We are not auctioneers.  What we do is show you the properties on the 100's of websites of those who are.

How to use the Map View located in the top menu item SEARCH>Map View


The default map display shows the location of the 100 lowest priced properties in the UK.

To see the next 100 properties, click 'Next'.

To display just the lots (properties or land) in your particular price range, drag either end of the blue price slider bar to fit your requirements.

To display just the lots (properties or land) in one particular area, click on ‘More Criteria’, then choose ONE of the pull-down menus and make a choice.

To display just the lots (properties or land) in just a particular category or categories, click on ‘More Criteria’, then tick the property categories of interest. (One or more can be ticked)

You can drag and zoom the map as required.

Click on the house icon on the map to see a summary of the property.  If you want to see more about the property, right click on the thumbnail image (depending on your browser) to open the property details page in a new browser tab.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the page to see all the properties listed for your chosen criteria. 

If you experience unexpected results, click on ‘Clear search’ and clear your browser cache.

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