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Property Details page


Starting at the top of the page and working down.

Mortgage Calculator:  (Top right in the blue bar) this will give you an idea of the monthly payment costs, if any financing is required.  Usage: Complete the empty boxes on the left then click on the middle >> button.  The results are then displayed on the right.

Map Tab:  (Above the property image) click on the blue Tab and a small map showing the location of the property will be displayed.  (Note:  If the property/lot is in a premium category, and you are not a subscriber, the location will be near, but not exact).

Street View Tab:  (Above the property image – Subscribers only) click for a quick look to see what is in the street near the property.  To quickly rotate the view, drag the N around the circle.

(Price comparison %): The property comparison value is the percentage figure in brackets e.g. (85%) after the price guide figure.  It is intended as an approximate gauge of value.  It shows what percentage the lot guide price is of the average property value in the postcode.  For example, if the average property value in the postcode was £100,000 and the price guide was £60,000, the price comparison value would be (60%).  Meaning the price guide for that lot was 60% of the average property value in the postcode.  Please note, the average poperty value is based on residential properties only, so the price comparison is not shown for non-residential lots such as land or commercial property. It is also not shown if we calculate the value to be less than 25%.  This is because the figure is likely to be meaningless, comparing an average value of mostly detached proerties with the lot which is perhaps a small flat.

Aerial view of the area: (On the right of the image near the bottom) click on the link and an aerial view of the property/lot is opened in a new tab.

Explore (street name): (On the right of the image near the bottom) click on the link and a street view close to the property/lot is opened in a new tab.

Overview Tab: (Below the image) here you will see a summary of the Auction House’s description.  The summary concentrates mainly on the description of the property/lot and does not contain information about the auction, viewing time or legalities.  If the property is of interest, click on the green box (if visible, see Green Box selection below) to see all the information about the property and the auction on the Auction House’s own website.

Information about the Location Tab: (Below the image) this section contains a comprehensive report on the area surrounding the property.  Including the demographics for the postcode (the social, economic and ethnic backgrounds of the typical residents who live there), typical property types, and crime data including what crimes have been committed within a one-mile radius of the property.  (Note: This information is available to subscribers only.  (You can get a FREE PASS HERE).

Nearby Places Tab: (On the right of the Overview description) here displayed on a map, are the locations of nearby shops, schools, banks, restaurants, etc., including their distance away from the property.  The ‘Walk Score’ (0-100) gives you an indication of how nearby (how accessible) the property is to key amenities.  (Note: This information is available to subscribers only).

Green Box: (On the right of the Overview description) click here to see the full details of this property on the auctioneer’s own property website.  This information will include additional images (if available), the auction details, viewing times, any additional fees, legalities, etc.  (Note: If the property contains a premium category, then the green box will be hidden, until  you have a subscription).

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