We are not auctioneers.  What we do is show you the properties on the 100's of websites of those who are.

"The fastest, simplest way to stay close to the UK property auction marketplace."


About TheAuctionIndex.com

We are the UK's auction property website.  We are not auctioneers, but we are the place to find out what properties are going to be auctioned in the UK.  Our continually updated information network connects you to the latest auction properties, their auctions and the auctioneers.  Simply find a property that looks compelling, then follow the links back to the auctioneer.

At the heart of TheAuctionIndex is our technology that 'understands' auction property data.  It converts this data into one consistent format, categorises each property/lot and adds additional decision support data and links.  Giving you in one place, a search-able, categorised summary of the thousands of auction properties that are located on the hundreds of different auctioneer websites across the UK.

We are a small team, dedicated to our vision
to make auction information more accessible, useful and popular.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact us.


The Auction Index Team




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