We are not auctioneers.  What we do is show you the properties on the 100's of websites of those who are.

So many auctions, so many auctioneers – the problems we are here to solve

There are over three hundred property auctioneers in the UK, each on a different site.  Some auctioneers have property auctions most months, some quarterly, some yearly.  Some auctioneers may have hundreds of auction properties for sale in one auction.  Others may list just a few lots in their auction catalogue. 

Auctioneers could hold national property auctions auctioning property not just in London, but all over the UK.  Others may be regional property auctions or local, selling property mainly located in and around a particular region, county or town.  The amount of information provided online by the auctioneer about each property and its location, varies tremendously too.  There are hundreds of different auctioneer websites to navigate and check each month, with no consistency in style, layout, or content, between them listing thousands of different auction properties.

How then can you be certain what you are looking for -  a great property bargain, an ideal home, a cost effective investment or renovation project, an undervalued repossession, a high yield rental income, etc.?

We are here to solve that problem! 


What we have done to help solve the problem and make finding the right auction property easier

Here at The Auction Index you will find a searchable summary of the properties awaiting auction on the websites of the UK property auctioneers.  We have a similar concept to Rightmove or Zoopla, but for auction property and auctioneers. 

Apart from putting everything in one place, we have classified every property.  There are the normal property categories you would expect like houses, flats, bungalows, commercial property and land.  We think we have been clever as we have analysed the auctioneer’s description and added five additional, unique sub-classifications.  The business classifications are property with investment potential, property in need of refurbishment (renovation) and property with a rental income.  For those looking for perhaps a special home, we have also identified properties with over an acre of land, and period property. 

Next we needed to generate an informative property title and a description summary all in a consistent format.  You can now find, browse, search and view the UK auction property listings in one place, in one consistent format, but we have done more…

We have provided you with a lot of decision support information, designed to help you choose the right property to bid on and how much to bid.  For example, we provide a lot of information about where the property is located.  Including the demographics of the postcode – what are the typical residents who live nearby, how much crime is there.  What are the employment levels, is there a risk of flooding, etc.  

Finally, we provide links to help you quickly assess the true value of the property – historic selling prices, links to the non-auction properties currently on the market nearby, typical rental yields in that area, etc., etc.


Adverts or Subscription only – not here!

How do we fund the development and continual updating of The Auction Index you may ask?  We did not want to have adverts all over the place.  Nor did we want to make the site available to subscribers only.  Our goal has always been to make everything freely accessible for a few except auction property easier to find and more accessible.  The solution was to make everything free except for just few parts of the site. Which can be accessed with a small, easily affordable subscription. (Starting at just £2 per week)  What we did was this…  for properties with a business or special sub-category, designated with a ☆, we keep the exact address and a quick link to the auctioneer available for just subscribers.  For our subscribers too is the additional decision support and area information we mentioned earlier.  Fortunately, you can easily become a subscriber from just £2 per week, and there is a one-off one-day free pass too.


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